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Organization structure


Linear organizational structure

Linear structure is the most ancient, the most simple form of organization.

This structure is applicable to small companies. It requires the manager to make decision, the department all questions so, he must be an all-rounder. If the company has expanded the scale, so it or increase the level of management, or increase in every level of the work unit.

In the linear structure, authority relationship between line managers and their subordinates have the following three characteristics: line manager granted authority is complete. every line manager has the right line command his subordinates, namely direct subordinates issued instructions and commands. The subordinate only to the report, a boss again, only accept a leader's orders and instructions.

 The main advantages of linear system structure is:

(1) command system simple, and rapid decision-making, a unified command, it is easy to carry out in the end.

(2) each member of the organization, authority duty clear, know your report to who, who to his report.

(3) the linear structure is simple, easy to understand, low management fees.


The disadvantage is the linear system structure:


(1) requires managers must be an all-rounder, with subordinate everything about the knowledge and experience, he has no other experts in decision-making for consultation.

(2) almost no horizontal contact, coordination between departments rely completely on general manager, so the manager have a heavy work load. 

(3) the structure is easy to form the bureaucracy, the lack of flexibility.


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