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How to distinguish between high-quality ac adapter(called A in this article) and low-grade ac adapter(called B in this article)


How to distinguish between high-quality ac adapter(called A in this article) and low-grade ac adapter(called B in this article)
Shell material
A: use fireproofing PC material which is heat-resistant.
B: use ABS materials which is not heat-resistant and fireproofing, so there is a great security risk.
 The materials Fixed circuit board
A: use special sealant used in electronic products imported form U.S. And this material is fireproofing and heat-resistant. 
B: use double-sided adhesive caused non-fixed, easy to sway and not heat-resistant which can make short-circuit problem easily.
The materials of PCB board
Ause high-quality materials which won’t breaking and not deformed in high temperature..
use general board which is easy-breaking and deformed in high temperature. The copper in the printed circuit board is easy to fall off.
The fuse
A:use insulating fuse contains PTC thermister  which plays a role of buffer in the High Voltage AC
B:use poor quality fuse which is not insulating and haven’t PTC thermister, exist a great security risk in the High Voltage AC.
⑤Circuit Board Technology
A:whole mechanized production, no false solder, the smooth solder joints reduce the amount of repair.
B:whole hand-made work, the solder joints are rough and exists many false solder which cause Tremendous amount of rework.
⑥The DC cable
A:The core of copper is 0.5 square and adequacy of current to achieve the requirement of actual power. 
B:The core of copper is 0.25 square and unable to meet the current requirements of the standard.
⑦Production process standards
A:accord with the safety norms of electronic products production.
B:not accord with the safety norms of electronic products production, have several Leakage angle in Plug-ins and so on, exists a lot of danger.
⑧signal feed back filter
A:the high-voltage capacitor filter model meet the standard of high-end electronic products
B:the high-voltage capacitor filter model is one-half of the A’s and do not meet the standard.
⑨the output filter poles
A:With the output filter poles, the low wave can protect the computer motherboard effectively
B:without the output filter poles cause a relative higher wave to hurt the computer motherboard.
⑩the high voltage AC filter
A:use voltage and current regulator bridge and PTC thermister can effectively play the role of high voltage buffer.
B:use common filters, little effect and lower cost.
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